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Our beautiful wide selection of Brooms to choose from
Cabin Broom

The cabin broom is one of the oldest styles of American brooms. Makes a very useful sweep as well as contributing colonial charm to the fireside. Available in natural broomcorn only.

Approximately 45 inches in length

Traditional Round Cabin Broom ----------------------------- $32.00
Shaker Flat Cabin Broom -------------------------------------- $32.00
Sassafras Spirit Face Cabin Broom --------------------------- $55.00

Cobweb Broom

The untrimmed, natural broomcorn of this popular style is plaited onto a lightweight sassafras handle. Always sewn in the traditional "round" style. It enables one to reach into faraway corners, stairwells and high ceilings. Some custom lengths available.

Ranges from 53 inches to 59 inches in length

Cobweb Broom ----------------------------------------------- $24.00
Hearth Broom

A good choice for a hearth brush. It's length of under 27 inches makes it ideal to hang with other fireside tools. The sweep is wired to the sassafras handle for strength and durability. The wire is then covered with broomcorn stalks and jute in a weaving pattern called plaiting, making this a handsome compliment to the fireside tool collection. A sassafras Spirit Face can be added to the handle.

Approximately 27 inches in length
Available in natural as well as color choices of brown, black, green, red, magenta or rust.

Traditional round Arkansas Traveler Hearth ------------------ $26.00
Shaker Flat Arkansas Traveler Hearth ----------------------- $26.00
Sassafras Spirit Face Arkansas Traveler Hearth ------------- $50.00
Kitchen Whisk Broom

Multi-purpose whisk designed with kitchen duties in mind. A plaited area near the top provides a comfortable holding place, balancing the bottom soft end and the stiff top end. The soft end is useful as a vegetable brush or a table crumber, the top end is stout enough to scour pots and pans, especially cast iron cookware. It makes short work of whisking ash off wood cook stoves. This whisk is made in traditional round style only.

Approximately 6 inches in length
Available in natural broomcorn only

Kitchen Whisk Broom -------------------------------------- $12.00
Kitchen Broom

Aesthetic treat as the household sweep. Broom handles are individually selected native sassafras saplings. Natural broomcorn is bounded securely to the handle with galvanized wire for strength and durability. The wired "shoulders" are then covered with an outside layer of broomcorn with the stalk still attached and jute in a weaving pattern called plaiting. Plaiting brooms date back in time to the Puritan settlers.

Available in natural broomcorn only. Approximately 55 inches in length. Hand carved Spirit Faces can be added to the sassafras handle.

Traditional Round Or Shaker Flat Kitchen Broom ------ $45.00
Sassafras Spirit Face Kitchen Broom ------------------------ $65.00

Please note: due to U.P.S package guidelines this broom ships as oversize, which means you will be charged for 30 pounds even though the package does not weigh 30 pounds; we can ship up to 6 Kitchen Brooms for the same shipping cost as one.

Little Folk Broom

Smaller version of the kitchen broom, allowing "little folk" the pleasures of a quality hand crafted sweeping experience. We have also found it useful in a tent, camper, or other small spaces where the full sized broom was awkward. It is recommended this broom be sewn "flat".

Available in natural broomcorn only
Approximately 45 inches in length

Little Folk Broom------------------------$28.00

Turkey Wing Broom

This functional form from the frontier draws its name and shape from a turkey's wing. This sweep is created by wire wraps around graduated amounts of broomcorn. Broomcorn stalks plaited over some of the wired area form the handle. Works great for sweeping up wood chips and ash around the hearth while doubling as an appealing decorative accent. The shape is a natural for corners and stairs; also handy to keep with the dust pan.

Approximately 14 inches in length
Available in natural, and color choices of: brown, black, green, red, magenta and rust.

Turkey wing broom--------------------------$26.00

Whisk Broom

Sturdy little hand broom of this quality is hard to find in the commercial market. A powerhouse for small sweeping tasks, you will want more than one. Keep one handy for use in the shop, car, boat, any room in the house, office or even as a clothes brush.

Approximately 13 inches in length
Available in natural and color choices of: brown, black, green, red, magenta, and rust.

Traditional Round Whisk-----------------------$18.00
Shaker Flat Whisk-------------------------------$18.00

Dust Pans

We offer two styles of solid copper dust pans, the Shaker on the left and the Smithed on the right. Each pan features a unique leaf patterned verdigris.

Shaker..........approx. 10" wide by 13" long including handle............$90
Smithed..........approx. 11" wide by 14" long including handle............$120

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