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Jerry platting a Kitchen broom

Jerry using a broom vise from the 19th century

It is certainly hard to imagine a time without something as fundamental to cleanliness as a sweep; yet in this day and age most of us take for granted the timeless craft of brooms, rarely thinking of how one is actually made or for what purpose.

The Grassy Creek Handcrafted Broom’s sweep is 100% broomcorn. Broomcorn, a type of sorghum, is considered the best plant fiber for a sweep. “It grows easily here in the well-drained sandy soil of the Ozarks. We grow some but certainly not all that we use.” Sassafras, a tenacious native hardwood that will sprout back from the root when cut, and can reach desirable handle size in just a few years; is the handle of choice for the functional broom styles. Vine twisted saplings or unique vines make one-of-a-kind fireside sweeps. Using tools from the past century, each broom is individually handcrafted by the Lovensteins.
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